Diversity & Inclusion.

Brilliant teams encourage Diversity of thought Be the change

It is well documented that one of the pressing issues in the workplace is diversity, or lack or it at a senior level. Over the last 5 years we have had diversity as the primary campaign and focus of our team.

Our tag-line be the change has a dual purpose, to inspire us internally to search differently, and to empower our network to make bold goals and think differently.

We are a talent advisory business driving impactful solutions.

We believe one of these solutions comes from a diverse workforce driving different thinking.

Diversity In Numbers Diversity In Numbers

With every 10% increase in gender diversity, there is a 3.5% increase in a company’s bottom line. We don’t stop at gender, race or sexuality; we use a behavioural science tool which is based on the Diversity of Impact alongside traditional metrics. 

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Of our placements in the past 2 years were diverse
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Of those being female leaders
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Increase in a company’s bottom line

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