Find the missing link in your business. Find the missing link in your business.

Elysian Focus Is Your  Bespoke Headhunting Partnership

If we’ve found a gap in your talent structure, we’ll find the perfect person to fill it.

Dive Into The Elysian Talent Pool Dive Into The Elysian Talent Pool

We have 20 years’ worth of contacts with the top consultants in the UK, US and Asia. So we can extend our searches to places most others can’t. And our network isn’t just built on names and phone numbers – it’s filled with specialists who’ve worked with us, impressed us and earned our seal of approval.

Data Science Over Gut Instinct Data Science Over Gut Instinct

By the time we start headhunting for you, we’ll have already used Elysian Discovery to run a relentless, data-fuelled analysis of your business and your working culture. We’ll have used talent mapping and talent profiling to see precisely how your team fits together and where the gaps are. So our key hires are never based on a hunch – they’re always based on a comprehensive understanding of your business, backed up by definitive data analysis.

Factoring In The Future And Big Picture

When you get a shortlist from us, it won’t just focus on what you need right now. We give you a detailed analysis of how each hire will bring you maximum impact and drive you towards your future goals. No business exists in a vacuum – so we’ll also factor in our market mapping. We’ll show you how we’ve selected each candidate by their potential to give you an edge on your competitors.

Case Study: Key Person Hire.

Key Person Hire  Building A Digital Consulting Firm  From Scratch

A well-known British company wanted to become a consulting powerhouse. And they weren’t doing anything by halves – they’d appointed a brand new board and brought in Mckinsey to mastermind their transformation. They tasked us with finding 30 of the industry’s best minds to form a brand new digital consulting business.

The Challenge The Challenge

Our client didn’t just want us to break out our phystech toolkit and extend their current working culture. They wanted to create a brand new culture. They needed ambitious outliers who could change the market’s perception of their brand. 30 fearless, ego-less experts – the kinds who can build an entire brand around them, but still write their own RFPs.

Oh and we only had 90 days to do it.

How We Tackled It How We Tackled It

We set about testing the DNA of the senior leadership and looking for the talent they’d need for each stage of their journey.

Digital consulting was still an emerging discipline, so we studied our client’s business model and worked with them on a vertical and horizontal service design.

Once we understood what sucess needed to look like, we grabbed our hefty phone book and scoured the international market for suitable talent.

We brought in leaders for each sector – from heads of financial services and insurance to heads of cloud and engineering. And we handpicked every member of each team.

We Stuck To An Ambitious  But Manageable 90 Day Plan To

The Result The Result

We successfully established a brand new team of 30 experts, meticulously matched to the client’s business plan and working DNA. We did it well within the 90-day target, and the client got a decent chunk of their budget back in change.

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