Partner with us. Partner with us.

Elysian Evolve Your Bespoke partnership

Elysian Evolve is your personal, bespoke talent services partnership. Once we’ve given your business the full Elysian Discovery treatment, we have all the tools and expertise to help you put our recommendations into practice.

Transform your business Into Its Best Self

Working in partnership, we can help you get the best out of your existing teams and find the missing ingredients. We can revamp your recruitment strategy from the inside out. Or we can facilitate the team move that makes your business family feel whole. Whatever you need, we’ve got it covered:

We Collaborate With  The Best Specialists On The Market

For each change we recommend, we have numerous top-tier consultants in our network who specialise in such projects. These are experts we know and trust, based on relationships we’ve forged over years of being immersed in management consulting.

We bring them in to work with us on a flexible basis, to make sure you have the exact specialties you need to transform your business. We select them based on their expertise and experience, and also on their working style, to make sure they’re perfectly suited to your business’s DNA.

Flex And Scale Our Partnership To Suit Your Needs

We can set up shop at your office and work in-house with you anywhere from one to five days a week. Or we can work with you by email, phone and video conference – maybe dropping by for a meeting when needed. We’ll adapt to whatever collaborative setup works for you. We help businesses from start-up to bluechip. So we can always adapt to the size of your organisation and your precise needs.

Case Study: Partner Up At Your Place.

Partner Up At Your Place Partner Up At Your Place

A European consulting company looking to build their UK Capital Markets practice from scratch.

The Challenge The Challenge

Capital Markets consulting is a candidate-short market and a new player without a brand is a high risk option for most.

The solutions needed to be cost effective due to the volume they needed at their stage of growth.

How We Tackled It How We Tackled It

Our expertise in Consulting Search meant that we could model a solution to second a Talent Architect from Elysian HQ into Be’s office.

The first part of the task was to create a story for candidates. We had two great partner stories and we built some branded literature to resonate with the ambitious and entrepreneurial people we needed to attract.

To help us deliver the solution in the most time and cost effective way, we built a timeline and some useful (if unexciting) SLAs. We built a new community, created events and mapped the market.

Our Key Achievements Our Key Achievements

The Result The Result

We delivered our first group interviews and fulfilled the full mandate within 12 months. We onboarded a full time recruitment lead.

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