Our DNA.

We partner with you We challenge your thinking We empower you and your people Why? Because WE care

We Make It Personal We Make It Personal

Our signature service is a deep, data-fuelled assessment of your business and talent needs, we go way beyond the graphs, facts and figures. We want to really know what makes you tick.

Building Beyond Recruitment Building Beyond Recruitment

We can cover any and all parts of the recruitment process. But we go much deeper. We go into culture analysis, market research, talent remodelling and more – mapping out the hidden dimensions of your business. That’s how we find the countless opportunities and optimisations that can give your growth and performance a big boost.

Bespoke Problem Solving  Built Around You

We can flex and scale our service precisely to fit your talent needs. And we have a vast network of elite consultants in the UK, Europe and the US – independent freelancers who can slot perfectly into bespoke projects on a gig-by-gig basis.

Immersed In Management Consulting Immersed In Management Consulting

Our talent specialists have worked on countless projects for the ‘big four’, collaborating with the very top tier of management consultants. So we’ve come to know the market inside out. We know the industry experts beyond their CVs – we know their faces, their phone numbers, al their specialities and idiosyncrasies. That’s how we match experts with businesses based on complimentary DNA.

Taking The Extra Time  To Give You Huge Results

Our approach takes a little longer than traditional talent services. When we’re done asking questions, you might be a little exhausted. You might end up making more fundamental changes than you first expected. Those changes might be very different to the ones you thought you wanted. But we do it because it works. When the Elysian magic takes effect, you can expect to reduce your time to hire by over 30% and increase your retention rate by over 50%.

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