Meet the team.

I’m Jemma – Elysian’s founder, Managing Director and ‘Chief Everything Officer’.

And this is my team.

They’re a friendly, playful bunch. But you don’t get ‘Elysian’ on your business cards without serious drive, tenacity and expertise.

In their hands, expect a relentless, data-fuelled examination of every aspect of your business. Expect frank, inquisitive strategic chats that cut through the industry waffle. Expect to see your business and talent strategy in a whole new light.

Sonya Barlow is an award-winning diversity business coach and motivational speaker delivering key notes to empower all those around her.

Focusing on empowering young professionals in Tech; she has delivered two TEDX Talks;  a handful of European keynotes; 210+ workshops, had her business-based articles published in Metro newspaper and Sifted EU and partnered with global companies such as; Google, Santander, Vodafone, Oxford University, Institute of Coding and PWC.

In 2020, she was named as one of the most influential women in tech (Computerweekly) and winner of the women in software changemakers (Makers and Google). In 2021, Sonya will be a published author sharing her debut handbook on entrepreneurship, business & becoming your own boss!


Jade Lorimer

“Jade is my right hand lady – the yin to my yang. You could set Jade a near-impossible task and she’ll have it done by lunch and pick you up a sandwich on her way back.

Jade’s our director of Elysian Inside. She runs people mapping, end-to-end delivery of projects and is our lead on all Inside projects. She also runs the data-profiling elements of Elysian Focus. A client once said of Jade: “She didn’t just build a team, she made a family.”

Jade joined us in 2015. She has a degree in International Business and Spanish from the University of West England. When her day’s work at Elysian is done, she moves onto working on other things, like raising money for cancer charities. And on the rare occasions she actually has some spare time, she’s usually enjoying family time, cooking new recipes and doing crazy HITT workouts.”

Bonus fact: Jade lived in Madrid for a year when she was 22.

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Em Wyer

“Em’s a little rockstar. She’s always fizzing with energy as she walks into any room. She’s a natural leader too, and I can’t wait to one day see her on stage campaigning for all the things she believes in. She was a natural choice to run the experience team, because she cares so much about the people we work with and our network.

Before joining the Elysian team, Em studied Classics at King’s College London. She likes to exercise, read and explore London.”

Bonus fact: Em has climbed Kilimanjaro and has a Blue Peter badge.

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“Trixie is part of our happiness team. She’s a cheerful affectionate dog. There is nothing she likes more than having belly rubs and chewing mummy’s shoes.

Bonus fact: The beagle breed has existed for hundreds of years and is one of the most familiar breeds in the world.

Project Lead, Elysian Focus

Laura Brown

“A lover of coffee, people and all things digital, our resident Kiwi Laura leads our projects to better understand how we can make a positive impact on the talent industry and drive change for the better. Curious in nature, you can find Laura researching relevant insights and potential areas we can investigate in order to develop new solutions.”

A social butterfly and city explorer, Laura enjoys finding new areas in London to frequent. An ENFP-T, she’s always crafting a new skill be it web development or jewellery making. Laura enjoys learning about new technologies and being active, completing the Inca Trail in her travels.

Bonus Fact: Joining 2% of the population, Laura is a Super Recogniser and is helping Greenwich University with their research.

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Hannah Nelson

“Hannah’s the reluctant ‘mum’ of the Elysian family. (‘Reluctant’ because she knows she’s much cooler than that.) She’s one of the most caring people I know and she instinctively knows how to solve everyone’s problems – in work or in life.

Before Elysian, Hannah worked in Major Gift and Corporate Fundraising for palliative care charities. Hannah’s aware of the concept of free time – but with two children and work she rarely actually experiences it. On those rare occasions, she enjoys running and gin (separately).”

Bonus fact: Hannah once had a range of bedroom furniture named after her by a home interest company whose PR she helped to manage.

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Community Experience Lead, Elysian Communities

Sadiye Booker

“Passionate about people, Sadiye believes in our community and cares about bringing people together. As an INFJ-T, the rarest personality types of all, she has a strong sense of integrity and a drive to help others realise their potential. Sadiye prides herself on being passionate and dedicated.”

Sadiye enjoys walks in the countryside, loves sushi and prefers a night-in over a night-out! Naturally particular in the way she does things, you can find Sadiye polishing finalised tasks and projects to ensure we are achieving excellence. Sadiye enjoyed 6 holidays in 2019, she loves exploring and partial to the odd adventure!

Bonus Fact: Sadiye has a competitive streak and during her teens, took part in table tennis tournaments across Kent!

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