Partner Up At Your Place.

A European consulting company looking to build their UK Capital Markets practice from scratch.

Capital Markets consulting is a candidate-short market and a new player without a brand is a high risk option for most.

The solutions needed to be cost effective due to the volume they needed at their stage of growth.

Our expertise in Consulting Search meant that we could model a solution to second a Talent Architect from Elysian HQ into Be’s office.

The first part of the task was to create a story for candidates. We had two great partner stories and we built some branded literature to resonate with the ambitious and entrepreneurial people we needed to attract.

To help us deliver the solution in the most time and cost effective way, we built a timeline and some useful (if unexciting) SLAs. We built a new community, created events and mapped the market.

We delivered our first group interviews and fulfilled the full mandate within 12 months. We onboarded a full time recruitment lead.

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