Scale Up Gig Team.

One big consulting firm, one BIG opportunity – not enough experts.

We needed a lead to not only run the programme but also build out the team. The programme was sensitive involving a section 166. And the budget was tight, to say the least.

This regulatory change project needed a team of 16 – so we knew we needed to identify a strong lead. We needed someone who could master the complexities around Section 166 and work with the regulator – knowing the team. We started there.

We found our lead and she immediately proved we’d made the right choice. She white-labelled seamlessly and built a great rapport with the Partner as well at the C-level client community.

Following that, we built the team: 16 arrived, stayed for 6 months and then were extended for 18. Two ended up retained as permanent staff.

We put the success of the project down to the consultants’ backgrounds and their ability to adapt to the culture – as well as 70% of the team having worked together before.

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