The Science Behind Success.

The Science Behind Success The Science Behind Success

Find a Partner for a Big 4 to build a digital team focused on commercial banking in just 5 months.

The Challenge The Challenge

Expertise within digital and commercial banking was thin on the ground. And finding someone who also has a background in consulting? nearly impossible.

How We Tackled It How We Tackled It

We used Elysian Focus to do the culture review, to see what the client really wanted. It was pretty evident we’d have to find a candidate for this role from industry – the transition to consulting is well known to be a tricky so we wanted to build an Inside solution that tackled that problem.

We got in touch with lots of our contacts to research the most successful executives who hadn’t come from consulting. We looked for fundamental similarities between these individuals. The results were fascinating and we developed a rough outline of success markers.

The selection process was arduous, but rewarding. It took time to interview and screen the candidates. The market mapping took us 30 days, rather than the usual 14 – mainly because we went global to the more advanced digital banking market.

Our Key Achievements Our Key Achievements

The Result The Result

It was well worth the extra work. The shortlisting and interviews were much easier for the partners to navigate, as the testing gave them some scientific insight beyond that ‘gut feeling’.

Because the cost of a bad hire is so high, it takes an average of 12 meetings to find a consensus on the right candidate. Having clear success markers alleviates a lot of that fear.

We built in a coaching solution to make sure the candidate had every chance on success in transition.

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