Talent Solutions For The Consulting Industry.

Brilliant companies. Need brilliant people.

Talent Solutions For The Consulting Industry.

Brilliant companies. Need brilliant people.

About Us About Us

We are professional services experts and we exist because brilliant companies need brilliant people.

We hire:

  • Partners & Managing Directors
  • People Change Consultants
  • Business Strategy Consultants
  • Innovation Consultants

What we do What we do

Our clients are strategy and advisory firms in the UK, Europe and the US and we partner with them to provide services in Executive Search, Talent Strategy and DEIB consulting.

Our aim is to help businesses instil the most effective systems and processes and recruit the highest calibre of people because we know the two combined are what drive powerful performance.

Our team enjoy digging into talent challenges our clients are facing. We then channel our expertise and experience with advice and guidance that will make things tangibly better.

We help them to recruit the very best talent and build teams that match the values, culture and goals of the business.

How we do it How we do it

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Our Clients Our Clients

We’re a boutique talent advisory firm and we take the time to understand our clients needs – which is why they come to us time and time again.

Ready To Get Started? Ready To Get Started?

Ready to find out how we can help you?

Client: Let’s discuss your talent needs and how Elysian can help you hire the best talent.

Candidate: Let’s talk about your career goals and how we can help place you in your next dream role.

Email us to get started enquiries@elysian-sc.com


Talent Strategy

We may have mentioned we are experts in management consulting!

This means that we can provide invaluable insight when  building & scaling your consulting business through these services:

  • Team profiling: Assessments and interviews to understand your key performers and how to drive them to be your best.
  • Talent Mapping: Having worked in the sector and having over 10 thousand connections we can provide you with comprehensive maps and organization designs to make better hiring decisions.
  • Compensation Insights: Understanding how to drive the performance of your teams and your key performers.
  • Embedded recruitment:Powered by Elysian” An onsite Elysian employee 1-5 days per week driving your entire talent strategy.


The key to attracting the best talent starts with knowing what you need and then having the platform to share that information.

  • Discovery: Working together to build the competencies and the attributes you need, alongside as well as the story and why behind young your firm.
  • Events: We partner with consulting firms to build events to attract the best talent and bring them to you so they can gain and deeper upstanding of your firm to build a sustainable talent pipeline as you grow.
  • Social Media: Love it or hate it, all businesses need it… we collectively have over 25k LinkedIn connections, our posts and stories have thousands of hits, and we can partner with you to get your brand noticed.
  • Our community: Built on our passion for Diversity we have a thriving community of consultants we meet quarterly to share ideas and help each other grow. This has boosted our referrals resulting in awesome diversity hiring and retention stat.

Executive Search

Retain us to find your leaders.

  • Team profiling: Assessments and interviews to understand the dynamics of your exec team.
  • Talent Mapping: Not mapping for the sake of mapping, access to our key relationships to understand the best of the best in the market.
  • Diversity: Balanced shortlists always. Over 60% of our Exec placements have been diverse – work with us to understand why.
  • Screening & References: Helping you to ensure that you hire right always.


Helping you build the best selection process.

  • Assessment: Building on or transforming how you select the best talent. You may have this nailed, and if you do, we will walk your candidates through the process to give them the best possible chance to show you’re their best. If you need guidance here, don’t worry we have done this before – we will help you shape one and chuck in some tests to give you a 360 view of your candidates.
  • Interview days: We can plan and run your assessment days or series of days – a great way to hire at scale.
  • Hiring: Our expertise in professional services gives us the insight to support your offer management, advising on the right process and package to give you the best possible chance of securing your new team member.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

We help you hire with diversity and inclusion at the heart of your recruitment processes.

  • Balanced shortlists always: It’s not an if or a maybe it’s a mandate. Our team will offer you access to a diverse shortlist, if we can’t find you all the skills from a diverse pool we will challenge your brief to allow you to think of the options.
  • Community: Our commitment to diversity has meant we have built an established community to help us to uncover more diverse talent for our clients.
  • Thought leaders: We host events, are on panels, and support our clients with their own communities all to spread the word and to help the industry retain diversity.
  • Consulting: Partnering with some of the best in the business we will come to your office and help you think through your DEIB statements and upskill your team.


Great onboarding can improve employee retention by 82%!

Although apparently, 88% of companies don’t do it well…

  • Offer stage: It all starts at the offer stage, we can help you think through your onboarding, put together a plan, arrange the meetings and manage connections to make your new hire feel part of the team.
  • Onboarding: This is way more than training someone to do the job, it is about making people feel part of the team, and explaining how they fit into the team, and they are listened to.
  • GC Index: A simple tool for showing your new hire their strengths and how they fit your team it enables a deeper connection before they even join your firm.
  • Govox: A wellness app that provides you with insights into how your employees are feeling to ensure they are performing at their best.